Solidarity At The Edge Of A Subway Platform

When the New York Post ran a picture of a man about to be struck by a subway train earlier this week, writer David Carr was disgusted. On his regularly awesome media decoder blog at the NY Times, Carr breaks down the ethics of posting that controversial pic.

One of six arguments he puts forth:

1. Within its four corners, The Post cover treatment neatly embodies everything people hate and suspect about the news media business: not only are journalists bystanders, moral and ethical eunuchs who don’t intervene when danger or evil presents itself, but perhaps they secretly root for its culmination.

Aside from the journalistic detachment of the freelance photographer, and the discussion within the media about yellow-journalism, I’m interested also in the social dynamics at play in the subway.

Carr mentions a news story from 2003 where a group of 4 teenaged friends drowned in a waterfall. After David, 18, slipped off a granite ledge, his 3 friends, Adam, Jonah and Jared jumped in to save him. The violent current and churning foam took all their lives.

Friendship inspired these young men to act and to sacrifice.

As a progressive, multicultural society, I wonder how we can cultivate this kind of solidarity even among people who are not lovers, friends or kin. Religious and secular groups foster this kind of community, but can it also be fortified with strangers?

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One thought on “Solidarity At The Edge Of A Subway Platform

  1. Hozz says:

    I thought friendship was obvious, tho ill add that word just for you. The example works because friendship and love is the model for solidarity. My question asks: how can we take the commitments we have for our loved ones and translate some of that good will to strangers.

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